Receive Up To A $599 Cash Rebate! To Qualify, You Must:

User agrees to all of the following conditions regarding our rebate process. Renters who do not follow instructions, disclaimers, and conditions will not qualify for a rebate., a real estate website, will be used strictly for marketing purposes to represent NB Elite Realty, the sponsoring brokerage, and all of its agents involved in the transaction.

To receive your cash rebate, the following is required:

1. All applicants are required to write and/or the NB Elite Realty agent’s name that helped you on the guest card and application. If there are two or more applicants, the same applies.
2. Sign a twelve-month or longer lease at the property you are moving into. In rare circumstances, we may be able to provide a rebate on a six-month lease which is up to the discretion of the brokerage.
3. Renter’s rebate of up to $599.00 will be processed and mailed when the renter has met all of the requirements and only after the sponsoring brokerage receives payment from the renter’s property that was leased.
4. To qualify to receive the rebate, the renter must submit the rebate form online within 30 days of move-in!

If does not receive compensation for any reason, the renter will be disqualified from the rebate. If the property the renter selects withholds its consent and does not compensate for the renter’s lease, will not be obligated to pay a rebate or compensate the renter. The rebate is subject to the consent of the party the locator represents.

The following rebates can be awarded:

$55-$200 cash rebate for rents from $550-$800
$80-$250 cash rebate for rents from $801-$1000
$100-$375 cash rebate for rents from $1001-$1500
$200-$500 cash rebate for rents from $1501-$2000
$200-$599 cash rebate for rents greater than $2001

Please Note:

Rebates are based on industry-standard commissions. Properties paying a reduced rate or flat fee will result in a reduced rebate. Rebates are paid on effective rents (less any discounts or special promotions tenant receives).

Rebate is paid when the apartment community pays the sponsoring brokerage. If for any reason, a property decides not to pay the referral fee, reserves the right to void the rebate.

A twelve-month minimum lease is required; unless otherwise mentioned by in writing.

Offer expires 30 days after move-in date.


1. reserves all rights to modify all rebates, specials, incentives, policies, disclaimers, etc., without notice. Rebates will be honored if the renter has met all terms and conditions described.
2. Only one rebate is granted per lease.
3. If the renter has lived in the same property previously, the renter does not qualify for the rebate.
4. If the renter transfers or moves to a related property, the renter does not qualify for the rebate.
5. The term is a website and/or .com used simply for marketing purposes and is not confused with a real estate brokerage.’s owner is sponsored by NB Elite Realty as outlined in the Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services.
6. does not actually receive any commissions; they are all paid to the sponsoring brokerage NB Elite Realty.

Privacy Statement: may provide information to the apartment community, accounting department, brokerage, admin, legal team, etc., to collect payment for the referral. Additionally, from time to time, we work directly with 3rd party vendors to help provide exclusive specials/lower rates/discounts and/or a better level of service on rental insurance, ESA pet approval, security companies, internet/cable providers, etc.; site owner may or may not be compensated for this referral.

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